Peninsula Kidney Associates is proud to oversee the medical direction of the five Davita Dialysis Centers here on the Peninsula in Hampton Roads. A leading provider of dialysis services across the United States, Davita Kidney Care treats patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease. Through our combined efforts, we strive to improve every patient’s quality of life through innovative clinical care, and by offering integrated treatment plans, personalized care teams and convenient health-management services.

Aptly named after the Italian word for “giving life,” Davita Dialysis Centers are conveniently located across the Peninsula in Hampton Roads, with one location in Hampton, three locations in Newport News and one location in Williamsburg. These centers provide an easy-access alternative to hospitals and valuable dialysis resources for patients and their families.

Dialysis is necessary when a patient’s kidneys can no longer successfully:

  • Remove waste, salt, and extra fluids from the bloodstream to prevent harmful toxins from building up in the body.
  • Keep a safe level of necessarily compounds in the blood, such as potassium, sodium, and bicarbonate.
  • Help control blood pressure.

Davita Dialysis Centers offer a comprehensive selection of dialysis treatment options, including hemodialysis (where blood is drawn from the body and passes through an external filter), home dialysis (Davita provides training, materials, and support to patients and family members) and peritoneal dialysis (where the patient’s abdominal cavity is used as a filter).

Peninsula Kidney Associates’ mission is to provide the best care with the highest level of compassion for the patient and their family members. Visit our website for complete details on how we can serve all your kidney-care needs and contact us today!