Preparing For Your Visit to Peninsula Kidney Associates

Peninsula Kidney Associates (PKA) is a full-service practice providing complete diagnosis, treatment and patient resources for kidney-related diseases and hypertension (high blood pressure), as well as dialysis. Our expertise is only matched by our unwavering commitment to providing patients with compassionate and individualized quality care.

To make your first appointment with us as smooth as possible, we ask that you have a few things prepared in advance so we can get through the necessary paperwork in an orderly fashion.

When you are referred to us by your primary care doctor, the physician’s office will be asked to provide us with copies of your last office visit notes, most recent lab results and any ultrasounds or scans that may be related to your kidney care.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • – Insurance information and cards.
  • – Co-pay and deductible payments
  • – A list of medications you are currently taking.
  • – If you have any additional records from other doctors or specialists that you feel may assist in
  • your treatment, please bring copies of those, too.
  • – If you are seeing more than one doctor, please bring a list with the name of each doctor, his or
  • her contact information (office address, phone number, etc.) and what they are treating you for. Even
  • if you do not think it is pertinent to your treatment with us, it is important for us to have full knowledge
  • of all treatments and your permission to contact any of your doctors for further discussion if
  • necessary. We cannot do this without your permission.
  • – It will also be helpful to us if you have a list of your personal and family medical history if you
  • have that available.

Your initial visit should take approximately two hours, including the admission process, a thorough evaluation by one of our physicians and to provide you with ample time to ask questions.

Kidney Education
Peninsula Kidney Associates
May 2016