If you are covered by Medicare and you have recently been diagnosed with potential kidney problems by your primary care physician, he or she can refer you to Peninsula Kidney Associates for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment at little or no cost to you.

Here are a few things you’ll need to know for your first visit with us:

  • Your referring physician will be asked to provide copies of notes from your last office visit, as well as recent lab results, ultrasounds and/or scans that may be related to your kidneys.
  • If you have additional documentation that you feel will be helpful in assisting with your treatment, please bring copies of those for our files.
  • You’ll also need to bring copies of your insurance card(s) and a photo ID.
  • If you are currently on any medication, place your prescription bottles in a bag and bring that with you. Otherwise, make a list of the medicines you’re on, including the name, dose and how often you should take them.
  • If you are currently being treated for other issues, bring a list of the names of the other physicians you are seeing and their contact information. You must provide us with permission to contact the doctors you would like us to communicate with. We cannot contact them without your authorization.

Initial visits generally last two hours or more. This gives our staff the time to thoroughly evaluate you and answer any questions you may have.

For future visits with us, the most important thing to remember as a Medicare HMO policyholder is, you need a referral from your primary physician prior to scheduling an appointment. Without the proper referral, your HMO insurance will not cover the cost of the visit.

Visit our website to contact us today and speak with our staff on what you need for your next visit with us if you’re a Medicare HMO policyholder.