What to bring to your first visit:

  • New Patient Paperwork
  • Documents: When referred, your referring physician will be asked to provide copies of your last office visit notes, most recent lab results and any ultrasounds or scans that may be related to your kidney care. In addition, please bring any records that you feel may be assist in your treatment. You will also need to bring copies of your insurance cards and any special instructions detailing diet or maintenance of any current diseases.
  • Medications: Place your prescription bottles in a bag and bring them with you. The nurses and physician will go over each of your medications with you. Write a list of all your medicines by name, dose and frequency.
  • List of Current Doctors: Bring a list with your doctors’ names, their phone numbers and what they are treating you for. We want to keep all of your physicians up-to-date with your care. Let your PKA physician know which doctors you would like them to communicate with regarding your care. We cannot do this without your permission.
  • Family and Medical History: Complete the health history form so that your physician is aware of your personal and family medical history.

Keys to a successful visit:

  • Plan to be at the office for an hour or more. New patients are scheduled using a wider time slot so that the physician can thoroughly evaluate you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Please answer your physician’s questions as detailed as possible. Your doctor will be better able to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment when you provide complete information.
  • Have a list of questions prepared to ask the doctor. Ask specific questions that will help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment.