Peninsula Kidney Associates is proud to present “Chronic Kidney Disease, Your Treatment Your Choice!” Developed by the National Kidney Foundation this program is intended to educate patients about choices and treatments for kidney disease.

This educational program consists of six sessions developed to assist you in making informed choices on how to live well with kidney disease. These informal sessions will be held one on one with your doctor and run about 35 to 60 minutes each. If you have had education on kidney disease in the past and still have questions you are encouraged to call. This program is a Medicare covered benefit and family are welcome.

Chronic Kidney Disease, What you need to know

Learn what chronic kidney disease is and why treatment is needed to maintain life.

Chronic Kidney Disease, What you can do

Learn ways that chronic kidney disease affects the body and what you can do to reduce the risk for complications.

Choosing Transplantation

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of transplantation and the process to get a transplant.

Choosing Dialysis

Learn the dialysis process and the choices available for dialysis.

Choosing The “No Treatment” Option

What are the implications if you decide to choose no treatment for your kidney disease.

Living Well With your Choices

Understand common concerns people express about having kidney failure.


If you would like to please contact the office to schedule a time that is convenient for you. Peninsula Kidney Associates is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. To schedule an appointment at any of our office locations, please call 757-251-7469.

Insurance Information

This CKD education program is reimbursed by Medicare only. Patients with commercial insurance should contact their insurance carrier directly if they feel coverage may be available. Peninsula Kidney Associates will file your insurance claim for you. Please bring a copy of your insurance card with you to your visit.

For more information on CKD Education, download the CKD Education Brochure.