Facing chronic kidney disease can be a daunting task for both the patient and their family members. To help everyone fully understand exactly what chronic kidney diseases is and what treatment options are available, Peninsula Kidney Associates has a chronic kidney disease education program developed by the National Kidney Foundation called “Chronic Kidney Disease: Your Treatment. Your Choice.”

The program consists of six sessions designed to provide patient resources and patient education on how to live well with kidney disease. The sessions are conducted one-on-one with your doctor, and run about 35 to 60 minutes each. Those sessions include:

Chronic Kidney Disease: What you need to know – Learn what chronic kidney disease is and why treatment is needed to maintain life.

Chronic Kidney Disease: What you can do – Learn ways that chronic kidney disease affects the body and what you can do to reduce the risk of complications.

Choosing Transplantation – Discuss advantages and disadvantages of transplantation and the process to get a transplant.

Choosing Dialysis – Learn the dialysis process and the choices available, including clinical and in-home options.

Choosing the “No Treatment” Option – What are the implications if you decide to choose no treatment for your kidney disease.

Living Well With Your Choices – Understanding common concerns people express about having kidney failure.

This program is a Medicare-covered benefit and family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Even if you have had education on kidney disease in the past but still have questions, we highly encourage you to schedule these sessions. To schedule an appointment at any one of our offices, please call 757-251-7469.