Often, a patient newly diagnosed with chronic kidney disease feels scared, lost, and full of questions. You may be struggling to navigate your treatment options, explain your disease to loved ones, and prepare for life after your diagnosis. At Peninsula Kidney Associates, we understand that a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer “Chronic Kidney Disease: Your Treatment, Your Choice!” This six-session educational program was designed to help you understand your disease and what you can do about it. Here are some frequently asked questions about these classes and how they can benefit you!

What can I expect to learn from the program?

“Chronic Kidney Disease: Your Treatment, Your Choice!” contains six sessions, each covering an important topic: What You Need to Know, What You Can Do, Choosing Transplantation, Choosing Dialysis, Choosing the “No Treatment” Option, and Living Well With Your Choices. The program was developed by the National Kidney Association and is designed to provide the information you need to understand your diagnosis and make informed decisions.

What is the format of each class?

Classes are conducted one-on-one with your doctor. Each session lasts 35 to 60 minutes, and you are encouraged to ask questions.

Are the classes covered by Medicare or other kinds of insurance?

“Chronic Kidney Disease: Your Treatment, Your Choice!” is a Medicare-covered benefit. If you have commercial insurance, you must check with your provider to see if coverage for this program is available.

Can family members accompany me to the classes?

Yes, family members are welcome to attend.

Are there other resources to help me understand chronic kidney disease?

Learning as much as you can about your diagnosis is the first step to navigating treatment options and lifestyle changes. You can visit http://www.peninsulakidneyassociates.com/our-services/chronic-kidney-disease/ for some frequently-asked questions on chronic kidney disease. While this information is a good starting point, it is essential to communicate with your doctor for the most accurate information, options, and advice.

After receiving a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, many patients feel helpless. It’s important to know that support and resources are available to help you understand your disease and plan for the future. For more information about “Chronic Kidney Disease: Your Treatment, Your Choice!” contact us to make an appointment.